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The Brazilian Association of Cinematography (ABC) is a collective of professionals from Brazilian cinematography who work to democratize and multiply the technical and artistic improvement of the category. With more than 400 associated people, ABC conducts various activities, including exclusive forums, cinema sessions, courses, awards, and dissemination events. In addition, associated people have the opportunity to participate in work groups and act in the development of the association.

ABC is associated with international cinematography federations and recognizes and rewards the best professionals and technical works annually. Associated people also have the advantage of receiving discounts on courses and events from partners, in addition to being able to use the ABC website and social networks to promote their work and dialogue with their peers and the general public interested in cinema and audiovisual media.

Check the table below with indication of categories and values.

Type of memberQuarterly feeHalf-yearly feeAnnual fee
Effective: Professionals with more than 10 years in the audiovisual areaR$ 180,00R$ 648,00
Active: Professionals with 5 to 10 years in the audiovisual areaR$ 90,00R$ 324,00
Aspiring: Professionals with up to 5 years in the audiovisual areaR$ 60,00R$ 216,00
TeacherR$ 60,00R$ 216,00
StudentR$ 60,00

If you wish to become an ABC member, read the Bylaws, Internal Regulations and Code of Ethics.

Calendar for Disclosure of Approval of New Members at ABC:

  • April 15, 2023;
  • July 15, 2023;
  • October 15, 2023.

Quarterly Payment Schedule in 2023:

  • January 15th to 31st: billing period for the annuity or the first quarter of 2023;
  • April 15 to 30: billing period for the second quarter of 2023;
  • July 15 to 31: billing period for the third quarter of 2023;
  • October 15 to 31: billing period for the fourth quarter of 2023.

Semester Payment Schedule in 2023 for the Student Category:

  • January 15th to 31st: billing period for the first semester of 2023;
  • July 15 to 31: billing period for the second semester of 2023.

It is important that you know:

By submitting the application you are automatically assuming responsibility for the membership expenses related to the membership category in which you will be placed. Upon receiving the confirmation message of the registration process, your name is submitted for approval by the Board;

After the Approval of your admission to the ABC membership, the procedure for payment of the Admission Fee to the membership will be sent to your e-mail corresponding to the value of a quarterly payment according to your approved member category. The payment period for membership fees follows the calendar published above;

As of the completion of the payment of the Admission Fee, you will be part of ABC’s membership, your name will be published in the members section of the ABC Site and your e-mail automatically inserted in the List of Members of ABC ABC.

Only ABC members who have received the right can sign with the ABC acronym. The granting of the use of the acronym is the responsibility of the Ethics Committee, and the announcement of the members who have been granted this right is made once a year.